In our classrooms, we create an open, creative learning and working atmosphere where learning and working is fun. We promote gender equality and intercultural exchange.

Responsibly and consciously, we strictly adhere to the hygiene regulations resulting from the corona pandemic. This is why all of our classrooms are equipped with single tables so that the safe distance of 1.5 m is safely adhered to. Our cleaning team disinfects the rooms every dayand strictly adheres to our hygiene plan coordninated with the health department.

In the course of digitisation, our rooms are fitted according to the latest technical standards. The majority of the courses are currently taking place in face-to-face classes. However, many courses are also accessible online from home. These are held in the form of a video conference with a teacher and the other students and are supplemented by the Moodle learning platform on which the teacher and the participants can work on homework and tests and communicate with each other without paper.

We also offer hybrid lessons alternating between face-to-face and online classes. Some of the students are connected via video conference from home on a monitor in the classroom, i.e. they can talk and chat with the other participants and thus save themselves the trip to school. The other students sit in class with the teacher and stay at home the following day to attend classes online. The exercises are done using the virtual Moodle learning platform and can be accessed via the learning platform after the lesson.

  • We take care of your privacy: For our video conferences we use the privacy-compliantBigBlueButton conference system!

  • If you do not have the technical equipment for hybrid or online lessons, please feel free to contact us. We will look for a solution with you!

The digital world is a lot of fun!

Give it a try!