Learn business German online

You are an office worker or clerk and would like to work in Germany?

The German course for business German offers you everyday language training with the help of experienced teachers who provide you with practical knowledge for everyday working life. Our teachers practice technical vocabulary and grammar with you. Using numerous case scenarios and role plays, language skills are deepened and deficits are remedied. Themes like Communication in the company , Write emails and protocols, deal with IT and modern media , Understand and explain the functions of devices Hold discussions with customers or employees , Answer complaints confidently, Understand and discuss rights and obligations, Describe graphics and developments deals reviewing and responding are some of the work-related issues that arise in the classroom.

Learn Business German online with KLARTEXT!
The lessons for our Business German course take place online in the form of a video conference and are supplemented by a learning platform on which the teacher and the participants work on homework and tests without paper and communicate with one another.

This gives you the chance to expand your professional skills in the workplace and to be more confident in your job with the German language.

The prerequisite for the course is that you have Level A2 or B1 in German as a foreign or second language.