In literacy courses you learn the Latin alphabet in three modules. Participants learn how to read and write. This works as follows: First, via listening to sounds and speaking them, so that an awareness of writing can develop. The use of Images and movement supports this process and grammar is also part of the teaching concept right from the start.

After literacy, you continue at a slow learning pace with A1. The lessons are aimed at participants who are not used to learning. Our teachers have special knowledge and methodological procedures to successfully teach migrants who have had little or no schooling in their home countries and possibly lead them to the German test for immigrants.

Literacy courses take place in the mornings and afternoons. Participation is possible with and without an integration course authorisation. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees funds 1,200 teaching units in total.

In our literacy course in Munich-Maxvorstadt you will learn how to read, hear and pronounce the German language. These are state or city-subsidised German courses for migrants and refugees.

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