Dou want to apply for a job and don’t know where to start?

Our application training offers you a pragmatic preparation for an application with the help of experienced teachers who provide you with practical knowledge of the application process. Our teachers practice technical vocabulary and grammar with you. Using numerous case scenarios and role plays, language skills are deepened and deficits are remedied. Topics such as: strategic approach to applications, creating a profile in social networks or conducting job interviews are some of the job-related topics that come up in the classroom.


  • The three switches in an application KLP
  • Network of personal contacts
  • Employment agencies
  • Virtual job market (VAM) – job exchanges / job advertisements
  • Company internship

Written application

  • Application folder: cover letter, résumé, cover sheet & Co., photo, attachments, folder
  • Written contact

Online application

  • Online and email applications
  • Technology tips

Work experience / skills

  • Self-assessment: determining strengths and desires
  • External assessment / job references
  • the certificate code
  • Expertise, skills, abilities

What’s next?

  • Dealing with promises and rejections
  • Career alternatives (portal: BERUFENET)

The lessons take place in the form of a video conference and are supplemented by a learning platform on which the teacher and the participants can work on homework and tests without paper and communicate with one another.

This gives you the chance to expand your professional skills in the workplace and to be more confident in your job with the German language .

The prerequisite for the course is that you have achieved at least level B1 in German as a foreign or second language.

This course is not funded by the Employment Agency or the job center of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees .

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